Tuesday, February 5, 2013

DIY Needle Felting Cushion

If there's a way to do something for free instead of buying it, I'll try it.  When I was a kid, I loved this series of kids' craft books called "Make and Do," because it used largely items that could be found around my home.

So what if a friend recently introduced you to needle felting and you bought a bunch of those one dollar needles, you have  a lot of wool, and even your own cushion, but now your kids want to join in?  Do you drive to all the craft stores looking for one, or buy a piece of foam, paying a premium?  Do you order a $5 cushion online and pay $5 to ship it?  You don't have to!

If you have access to old couch cushions, you can make your own needle felting cushions, and enough for 15 kids.  I did this recently with my girls because I'm planning to teach a fiber arts class at our local homeschool co op next year, and the girls wanted their own cushions.  Advertise to your friends that you're looking for an old cushion.  In a pinch you can always use your own couch cushion and re-cover it when you're done, but this is easier.

Couch cushions are the perfect texture.  The foam you buy at the craft store crumbles and gets tangled in your needle felting projects.  Try it!

Get your cushion
Remove the cover and batting inside.
Draw a grid on your cushion, using a straight edge.  I made my cushions 6 x 6 inches.  It's actually nice to have one that's about 12in. x12in. if you have enough foam.  For this project, I needed lots, so I cut them smaller.  I used serrated breadknives and sawed away.  It's quite the stress reliever.
If your cushions are used, they may be a tad dingy.  Get some soapy water and go to town.  The kids had a blast with the bubbly water.
Rinse and squeeze.

Dry on a raised surface for a week or two.  The cushions retain some moisture at first.  Decorate with sharpie pens and you've got a custom made needle felting cushion!

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