Tuesday, February 12, 2013

DIY Wool Pocket Valentine Hearts

My kids will be at a local homeschool co op the day before Valentine's day this year, and they keep wanting to make valentines, so I decided to pitch in and help the cause.  These needle felted wool hearts are super simple to make and are sort of fast.  I think it took maybe 5 minutes to make each one.  If you have a class of 30 students, you might want another idea, but if you're just making them for a few friends, this is a fun idea.  I let the kids make the valentine cards they were making, and they can give these either with them or on their own.

Wool is such a lovely feeling material...very textured and warm.  Over the years, I have made a few pairs of matching wool hearts for people I wanted to remain in prayer for, giving them one and keeping the other for myself as a reminder to think of and pray for them.  I hope these hearts will be happily carried around in pockets long after Valentine's day this year as a reminder of the friends who give them.

Here's from wool to heart:  get a lock of dyed wool (we used Jacquard acid dyes).  Card it..you can use hand carders or 2 dog brushes, or even tease it with your hands.   Shape it into a trangular shaped wad.  Keep poking with a felting needle over a cushion, turning all the while so that it doesn't stick and form the shape of a heart!
My 4 year old insisted that this plastic bead is a horse, and that it needed to be in the center of the hearts, so here it is, just for her.

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