Saturday, February 9, 2013

Rooting willows and tree branch centerpieces

Are you pruning fruit trees and flowering shrubs right now?  Bring some of those branches inside as a reminder that spring is very near.  They will bloom beautifully in the warmth of your home.
My six year old stood outside with me while I was pruning fruit trees. She then "planted" all the cuttings in the mole hills we have all over the place. Because I am now addicted to pruning, I went over and started pruning the willow tree, telling her how we buried her sister's placenta beneath the tree, and even though it had been a very weak tree, it then sprouted up with great enthusiasm. We sang a sweet little song we had learned when she had helped plant an apple tree at the Padilla Bay reserve.  "Plant this your own yard... plant this your neighbor's yard..."

 I remembered that willow bark is used as a rooting hormone for starting plants and told her that, then we decided to do an experiment. We took our willow cuttings and stuck them in the muddy creek right next to the tree. We will check them in a few weeks to see if they have decided to make roots for themselves. At the end, she said "Mom, I didn't know trees were so magical, like not magical as in magicians, but as in wonderful."  

"Yes, it's amazing how they were each designed with a purpose, isn't it?"

         "What's the purpose of the Christmas trees then?  And the blackberries?"

"Christmas trees must be good for homes for all kinds of animals, and help keep land stable, so that there aren't landslides.  I know that blackberries like disturbed ground and poor soils, so they must be to keep the ground from eroding and make it healthier."  

Here are some of the fruit tree cuttings from our pruning activities., ready to bring inside to make a centerpiece that will bloom!  
And we walked inside and enjoyed the rest of our day.  I remembered that I like to bring cuttings of our red flowering currant in when I prune it, so I gathered some of the fruit tree branches too.  The currants love to flower, even indoors, and I'm hoping the fruit tree branches will do the same.  It's good to have the reminder of the imminence of spring, even if it's still very dreary out.  

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  1. I love, love, love bringing stuff in from outside and having it on our table. Your table looks lovely! And yes, spring is around the corner! Woohoo!


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