Monday, February 11, 2013

This is our Life: Good Morning!

Quality testing the playdough recipe from the blog by making a fresh batch and using immediately!

I'm participating in a 52 week long photography project through Paint the Moon photography.
This is the 6th week and the theme was "Good Morning."  You'll notice I have more pictures of the littlest one...she's the one who poses the least and who still doesn't shy from the camera as much.  Here are some glimpses into our mornings over the past week.

Near our front door:  laundry detergent ingredients and boots to go do animal chores.
Some morning reading before homeschool time
Give us this day our daily bread.  One of maybe 5 or 6 batches of bread this past week, as we try to live out of our pantry and not run to the grocery.
Just after waking.  When you're the fourth child of five, you get military print sheets and flowery blankets.  
Crazy hair morning 
The baby of the family sleeping near the baby doll she asks me to tuck in at night.

Stretching to awake-ness.

A different morning with beautiful fog outside the windows.

As big as the cottonwood tree...
Teasing her doggy
Sunrise... just before the little ones wake for homeschool and after the older ones have gone on the bus.

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