Thursday, January 31, 2013

This is our life--52 week photo challenge

I'm participating in a 52 week photography challenge with Paint the Moon Photography. Although I shared some of my favorite pictures from the challenge in my photography blog, I thought I'd share a few extras in this post.  It's been so refreshing to renew my love for photography and to get to know my new camera through the weekly prompts Annie, of Paint the Moon, posts.

The idea is to document your life over the course of the year, in the lifestyle photography sort of style, which is very candid and real-life based.  I'm adding to this post a few of the more posed pictures that also came from doing this theme, because I love the imprint of this way thinking affected my traditional posed type pictures.  It made them more relaxed.  Most of the pictures, however, are pretty candid.

I would love to have more people join in  on this photo challenge, so if you're interested in joining a smaller group of people following this challenge, please leave a note in the comments!  We share our pictures weekly and discuss and sometimes critique them.

Week 1:
Evening Routines: 

They always want one more snack before it's time to go to sleep.  
Week 2:
This makes me laugh

Our three legged dog, Koa, we love him and the exuberance he has for everything he does 
Our tiny little snowman...not much snow this year

A little miffed that the snowman's already melting away

Week 3 : This makes me wish I could freeze time
Getting ready for story time, holding the book backwards!
Creating a giant snowball out of yet another light dusting of snow.  Notice his full snow gear.  
Treasuring this snowball she's waited so long for
Explaining binocular vision to me.
Gazing out the window during homeschool time.
Hard at work at coloring
So proud of the coloring she's done so far, she's my youngest and the last I will homeschool.
That special bond between a boy and his dog

Reading homeschool books together...
The gifts they love to give me
One of the sparkly paintings they made.  
A tornado that is very happy
Treasuring the snowglobe she was given for Christmas.
The wall of art...
A gift from one sister to the other...a  bird in a nest.
Week 4:  A different perspective

I always take photographs from a very low perspective.  For this prompt, I tried to take things from very high up.

Cozy on the hardwood floor
Looking very bizarre with her safety goggles from Boeing on.

She's bright eyed after a good afternoon nap on our bed.

I climbed a tree and looked down at them....certainly a different perspective.

I stuck my camera behind me while up in the tree and took a picture.

Ready to give some hay to the goats
Sniffing llama.

Don't let the smile deceive you.  She's mad!
The world reflected in the eye of a llama

Inside the coop

From Koa's perspective.
Just a fun one...visiting boogie, grandma' and grandpa's horse later that evening.