Friday, March 1, 2013

Make Felt Acorns!

My kids were eager to do some weeding for grandma and grandpa so they could earn a few dollars.  They happened to be weeding beneath an oak tree, which is not a common tree around here.  I noticed little acorn caps sprinkled around and collected as many as I could find.  It's just the right season I guess, because the seeds have disconnected from them or been munched on by one critter or another.  If you know of any oak trees in your area, just try browsing around beneath them to see what you might find!

These little acorns are easy to make.  You clean and dry the little caps on a windowsill for a bit.  Then you card some colored wool.  Roll it into a tight little ball/cylinder type shape, and needle felt away.  The size of your cap will determine the size of your little ball. I felted the top rather flat and a bit rounded on the edges so it could be stuffed inside the cap.

Then needle felt the bottom into a little point just like the real acorns have.  Fire up the hot glue gun and put about a pea or raisin sized blob of glue in there, depending on the size of the cap.  Voila!   You've got an aesthetically pleasing acorn that a squirrel will go nuts over!

She thought it was a better plan to fill the acorn caps with water like a tiny cup.

Yes, these are little acorns on an oak table.  At least I think it's oak.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Faith's Colt

The day before her due date, Faith, my in-laws' mare foaled.  She had lots of people watching over her on a web-casted video feed, and thank goodness!  My sister in law was the one who noticed she was laying down and acting more peculiar than normal.  Thank goodness our kids happened to be staying over at grandma and grandpa's, because my husband and I were able to zoom down when we saw the camera feed, and everyone, kids included, was able to watch the miracle of birth.  Faith is a very big quarter horse and was bred to and even larger overo stallion, but the colt is a solid sorrel colt.  This isn't the first choice for people breeding horses, but he's beautiful.  They'll get a second chance, as faith will be bred back to the same stallion within the week.  The colt is tall...his back way past my father in law's waist.  I remember another foal born on their farm several years ago was so teeny, she could run right under her mommy.  Not so with this boy!

Here are pictures of his first few moments.  I didn't want to get too much in momma's face, so the pictures aren't prime photography, but they convey the beauty and emotion of the moment, I think.

First moments
Laying down and laboring.
Just born
Checking to see what sort of little guy this is... a solid sorrel colt.

Learning to stand


Mom supported him as he tried to stand.

Petting the soft new baby.