Saturday, June 15, 2013


It had been thirteen years since my last trip to see family in Indiana. At that time, I had only one child.  Four children later, and with my grandpa around 87 years old, I realized it was about time I got out there and reconnected with everyone.  Thankfully, my parents were going too, so we ended up having two family reunions.

We stayed with my grandpa and his sweet wife, Fran.  They were so gracious to let us invade their peaceful lives with our intensely chaotic visiting and touring around.  That couch grandpa and Dad are sitting on was my bed!  It was an emotional time for me too, because my grandma had passed away suddenly just a few months after my last visit.

To see my grandpa's face... to hear his voice as he talked with my dad about just anything that came to their minds...this made my heart very happy, and the sadness at grandma's absence lessened some.  I had been so frantic to soak up every bit of family history that was in that place, but soon I realized that I simply needed to relax in the joyful reality of this father and son reunion I was witnessing.

It was in this moment that I remembered the deep blessing it is to have a dad and grandpa who have a special connection with one another, and in turn with me.  Thank you dad and grandpa, and happy father's day.  Your example of faithfulness to your families reminds me in turn of God's faithfulness to all of us.