Wednesday, December 18, 2013

What our family gets out of the Affordable Care Act

Today I thought I'd try to check out other plans on because I talked to my current health insurance company and found the new plan I'll have to go on to be unsatisfactory.  They told me I might want to check out the government website to see if something else might work better for us.  The pictures above are screen shots of what I got when i tried to log into their website.

 I called my insurance plan and asked for comparisons between the new government mandated plan and the old plan I had.  I had and HSA Catastrophic 4000 plan with Group Health at $691 per month and will be required to buy the ACA Bronze plan at $802.58 per month.  My family deductible under the new plan has doubled from $4000 to $8000.  My out of pocket limit has gone up from 12,100 to 12,700.  We have 5 children.

For the additional $111.58 per month, and $4000 per year in deductible and $600 in out of pocket expenses, here's what I get.

1) Maternity care.  No more babies here.  Sorry.  
2)  Prescription drug coverage...yay!  Wait, no, only after you pay the $8000 deductible
3) Annual Pediatric dental exams.--this is actually nice.  We pay for a separate plan through Washington Dental Service, which means we can bill this plan for the annual exams and "save" a little bit....if they cover our dentist.
4) Annual Pediatric vision exams and one pair of glasses....this is very awesome because I have one kid who wears glasses.  Not sure if it covers contacts.  We can transfer that cost over to what we pay for this plan.  

That's about it.  What are you getting out of the ACA?